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Last Updated: Monday, 21 February, 2005, 13:43 GMT
Old Firm match bigotry condemned
Fernando Ricksen
Fernando Ricksen was hit by an object during the game
The first minister has condemned events surrounding the Old Firm match on Sunday which saw 12 arrests for acts of "religious prejudice".

The Rangers player, Fernando Ricksen, was struck by an object and needed a stitch in a head wound.

Jack McConnell, who is leading a campaign against sectarianism, said the clubs should learn from the incidents.

He said the arrests reinforced the actions ministers were taking and the urgency they gave to the issue.

'Unacceptable' level

"Some people might describe an average level of bad behaviour or violence at an Old Firm game but I would certainly never allow it to be average because this level of violence and abuse is unacceptable at any major event in Scotland," Mr McConnell went on.

Earlier this month, 30 organisations, including Celtic and Rangers, were present at a summit on sectarianism.

A national plan is to be drawn up to tackle the problem.

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