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Last Updated: Monday, 26 September 2005, 12:03 GMT 13:03 UK
Domestic abuse on the rise again
Anti-abuse poster
Ministers say campaigns have led to more cases being reported
The number of domestic abuse cases recorded by the police has risen by 10%, according to official figures.

Totals from the Scottish Executive show 43,678 cases in 2004 against almost 39,643 the previous year.

The increase is being attributed to a rise in the reporting of abuse and less tolerance of such violence.

Research showed that at least half the victims had suffered abuse previously. It is the second consecutive year that the figure has gone up by 10%.

The highest total - 946 cases per 100,000 people - was in the Strathclyde Constabulary area, where a Vulnerable Person Database has been introduced.

The lowest figure - 558 - was recorded in the Northern Constabulary region.

We believe it is mainly due to a greater understanding that domestic abuse is wrong
Johann Lamont
Deputy Communities Minister

Although most of the victims were women aged between 26 and 30, for men the risk of being abused was greatest among people in their early 30s.

Just under half the number of incidents, most of which took place in the home, led to a crime or offence being recorded.

Most common was minor assault, followed by breach of the peace. In 32% of cases, couples who were either ex-partners or ex-spouses were involved.

'Consistent pattern'

Just under half the cases involved couples who were either married or living together.

Deputy Communities Minister Johann Lamont said the 10% rise reflected "a consistent pattern" over recent years.

She added: "We believe this is mainly due to a greater understanding and acceptance that domestic abuse is wrong and increased confidence in reporting incidents to the police.

"Raising awareness of domestic abuse is essential and this includes through education in schools and through our campaign, Domestic Abuse, There's No Excuse."

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