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Last Updated: Thursday, 15 September 2005, 12:07 GMT 13:07 UK
Evicted family in new asylum plea
Vucaj Family
The Vucaj family were evicted from their flat on Tuesday
A Kosovan family at the centre of a deportation row have made a fresh claim for asylum in the UK, according to their supporters.

Scotland's children's commissioner urged a "public outcry" over the eviction of the Vucaj family from their flat in Glasgow on Tuesday.

Eyewitnesses said the father and son were led away in handcuffs.

Campaigners said mother-of-three Nexhi Vucaj has made a new bid for asylum but the Home Office refused to comment.

Supporters have organised a petition to stop the deportation of Saida Vucaj, 13, and her brothers Nimet, 16, and Elvis, 18, after their asylum application was rejected.

They said their parents Isen and Nexhi suffer from a number of medical conditions and that the children have integrated well into the community in their five years in Scotland.

Immigration officers and police arrived at the family's home in Drumchapel at dawn on Tuesday.

Witnesses expressed shock at the force used in the eviction and told reporters that the children were taken away in their pyjamas.

'Proper procedures'

They were transported to the Yarl's Wood detention centre in Bedfordshire pending deportation.

Children's Commissioner, Professor Kathleen Marshall, who had already expressed concern about the effect of dawn deportations on children in asylum seeking families, condemned the operation.

She said: "I'm asking the people of Scotland to shout with me, do they think that this is acceptable?"

Campaigners said they have persuaded Mrs Vucaj to lodge a new asylum appeal which they said was being considered.

A Home Office spokeswoman said it does not comment on specific cases.

However, she added: "No-one would be deported without following the proper procedures."

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