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Crime scene not secured by police
Alexander Pullar
Mr Pullar was found seriously injured in a pub car park
The trial of three teenagers accused of murdering a man has heard how police failed to immediately secure the scene.

Christopher Slonaker, 17, and two 15-year-old boys who cannot be named for legal reasons have denied murder.

The High Court in Glasgow heard how two police officers found Alexander Pullar seriously injured outside the Swan Inn in Cumbernauld at 0615 BST on 24 March.

A Pc said she asked senior officers and detectives to attend but received a call back telling her to stand down.

The 63-year-old lecturer, of Abbotsford Court, Cumbernauld, died hours later in the Southern General Hospital.

Mr Pullar was found lying in a large planter in the pub car park seven hours after he was last seen by bar staff.

After five minutes control room replied that CID would not be attending and the control room told us to stand down
Constable Karen Elsby

The three teenagers have been accused of repeatedly striking him on the head and body with a brick and a piece of wood, punching and kicking him and stamping on his head.

It has been alleged that they robbed Mr Pullar of a jacket, a bottle of medicine, a bottle of vodka, money and a newspaper on 23 March at Lochinvar Road in Cumbernauld.

Constable Karen Elsby told the court she and a colleague received a call to attend an incident in the pub car park. They identified Mr Pullar from his possessions and noted that he smelled of drink.

She said: "His eyes were closing with extensive swelling. There was a lot of bruising and swelling on his face and dried blood."

The officer said her colleague radioed the control room and asked for superior officers and CID to attend.

She added: "After five minutes control room replied that CID would not be attending and the control room told us to stand down."

High Court Glasgow
The case is being heard at the High Court in Glasgow

Derek Ogg QC, who is defending one of the 15-year-olds, said: "It would seem at a superior level no-one took a view it was necessary to secure the scene."

The officer replied: "That is correct."

Earlier Joseph McAllister, 29, who lived across the road from the Swan Inn, said he saw a set of legs lying in the car park late on the evening of 23 March. He did not go to investigate.

His brother Kevin, 18, said he heard someone shouting at about 2300 BST.

He told the court: "I saw two boys standing at the planter. One of them was in the planter stamping his foot up and down."

He said he saw legs hanging out of the planter as he walked his girlfriend to her car, but did not go over or phone for an ambulance.

At the start of the trial, judge Lady Paton dismissed a defence call for a ban on the media naming Mr Slonaker in reports of the case because of the age of the other two accused.

She also rejected a call from Mr Ogg for the postponement of the reporting of all proceedings until all of the witnesses under the age of 16 have given evidence.

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