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Navy retrieves yellow submarine
John Baker holding Bruichladdich whisky (picture by Carl Reavey)
John Baker with the ROV and the special Bruichladdich whisky
A Royal Navy minehunter has picked up a yellow submarine which was reeled in by island fishermen three months ago.

HMS Blythe travelled to Islay to collect the remotely-operated vehicle (ROV), leaving a case of specially bottled whisky in return.

The 10ft-long craft was spotted by John Baker while he was fishing in June.

It has been on display in the garden of his brother-in-law, Harold Hastie, who helped bring it ashore. He said it had been a "fantastic tourist attraction".

Mr Hastie said the vessel, which weighs 850kg, had been found floating about three miles from the Mull of Oa.

The vessel is loaded up (picture by Carl Reavey)
HMS Blythe travelled to Islay to pick up the vessel

Mr Baker asked him to help bring the ROV ashore because his boat did not have the necessary lifting gear.

It was brought onto dry land at Port Ellen before being moved for safe keeping.

Mr Hastie, who is a member of the local coastguard, contacted his colleagues at Clyde Coastguard to let them know that the vessel - which had MoD stamped on the side - had been found.

They passed the details on to the Faslane Naval Base, but were initially told that no submarines were missing.

However, the navy later admitted that the ROV was one of its vessels.

Tourist attraction

Mr Hastie said he would be sorry to see the vessel go from his garden.

"It has caused a lot of excitement throughout the summer, it has been a fantastic tourist attraction," he said.

Mr Hastie added that there were efforts to get some form of compensation.

Mr Baker said: "We are not holding our breath, but we will attempt to get something."

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