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Last Updated: Monday, 31 January, 2005, 10:20 GMT
A77 speed net extended by police
Strathclyde Police car
Mobile patrols are being stepped up on the A77
Police are launching a crackdown aimed at putting the brakes on speeding drivers on one of Scotland's worst accident blackspots.

Two extra police cars and more speed cameras are being introduced on the A77, which links Glasgow and Ayr.

Motorists are ignoring speed limits imposed because of the 152m M77/Glasgow Southern Orbital project, which is due to be completed in April.

Eleven people died in eight crashes on the A77 in the past year.

Speed cameras on the road are catching an average of 1,800 drivers per month.

The construction project will extend the M77 from Newton Mearns to Fenwick.

There is now no hiding place on the A77
Inspector Gordon Fulton
Strathclyde Police

It will also provide a new dual carriageway to East Kilbride, by-passing the conservation village of Eaglesham.

Inspector Gordon Fulton, of Strathclyde Police, said: "Throughout the term of the project, safety on the current A77 has been paramount, not only to the members of the public using the road but also to the workforce building the road.

"There is now no hiding place on the A77. The message is clear, if you fail to observe the speed limit you will be caught."

'Inconsiderate motorists'

He added: "The number of people killed or injured on the A77 continues to give us great cause for concern and the number of speeding motorists has continued to rise.

"In general, the vast majority of the Ayrshire motoring public has obeyed the speed reduction.

"However, there have always been a considerable number of inconsiderate motorists who have flouted the law and have been prepared to take a chance."

Speed camera
Police say cameras are being ignored along the route

Inspector Fulton continued: "The A77 has some of the worst driving behaviour in Scotland."

Neil Macgillivray, of the Strathclyde Safety Camera Partnership, added: "Whilst the roadworks on the A77 are ongoing there are construction workers and vehicles in the area at all times of day and night, also narrowed lanes, re-directions and temporary road surfaces.

"Excessive speed is seen to be a serious problem on this road and where special hazards occur it is necessary to take measures to ensure that speeds are brought down accordingly."

Last summer, police issued a warning to motorists after a single speed camera caught 100 speeders a day during a three-week crackdown on the A77.

More than 2,100 people were clocked at the junction with Galston Road over three weeks.

One driver was caught travelling at 98mph, while another was doing 92mph in a temporary 40mph zone.

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