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Last Updated: Friday, 14 January, 2005, 22:00 GMT
Heritage potatoes make comeback
Heritage potatoes come in a range of colours
Purple, pink, blue and black potatoes which were once prized by the Victorians are making a comeback.

Demand is growing for the "heritage" potatoes which come in a range of colours - and promise health benefits.

Anthony Carroll has received a positive response when he sells them at farmers' markets in Glasgow.

The farmer said they were lower in fat than rice and pasta, have vitamin C in the skins - and some of the coloured varieties contain antioxidants.

Mr Carroll said that the colours were down to the breeding of the potatoes.

Farmers' markets

"That is the way they came over from Peru in ancient times. They have just been bred, and you have got the different genetic diversity," he said.

The potatoes have proven popular with people visiting farmers' markets in Glasgow.

One customer said: "I rather like them, I like the idea of them.

"It is quite fun to spread them out in front of your friends and shock them a bit."

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