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Last Updated: Monday, 10 January, 2005, 22:18 GMT
Chances of flooding 'rising fast'
Swollen river near Pitlochry
Scottish rivers are swollen as heavy overnight rains filter through
Scotland is facing a future of an increased risk of flooding, the environmental watchdog has warned.

It comes as heavy rains and melting snow triggered severe flood warnings on rivers across Scotland on Monday.

Further storms are expected to sweep in over Tuesday and Wednesday, with winds set to hit up to 100mph.

The Scottish Environment Protection Agency (Sepa) has warned that extreme weather will become more common unless action is taken on carbon emissions.

Professor James Curran, Sepa's climate change expert, said: "Climate change is the greatest environmental threat facing us all.

"It is real, it is with us now, it is doing real damage and it is going to get worse. We could expect to see flooding incidences rise by up to 10 times by 2080.

Fireman wading through water in Dunkeld
Houses near Dunkeld were flooded after the Tay burst its banks

"There is also an increasing realisation that over the next few decades climate change could reach a tipping point where it becomes out of control, with the earth itself generating carbon dioxide unchecked and uncontrolled.

"To avoid this possibility we must adapt and drive down carbon dioxide emissions by as much as 70% and we need to act now.

"All of us have a part to play and even small actions like switching off unused lights, avoiding unnecessary car journeys can make a significant difference."

Flood defences

On Monday, several road and rail links were disrupted and police throughout the country warned motorists to take extra care.

In Perth, the flood defence scheme was activated, and feared high waters failed to breach the system.

And a number of roads in Aberdeen were closed after high winds tore off a section of roof of a tenement building.

Peter Sloss, duty officer with the Met Office, said: "With very stormy conditions to come on Tuesday we're going to find heavy rain returning to much of Scotland.

Fierce winds

"But the wind is going to be the big thing from lunchtime on Tuesday through into Wednesday, we could well see gusts 70-90mph."

Meanwhile, a new scheme to reduce the impact of flooding on homes and businesses in the capital has been launched.

Deputy Environment Minister Lewis Macdonald announced 14m backing for flood defences along the Braid Burn in Edinburgh.

The system is designed reduce the flood risk to over 900 homes and businesses previously affected by flooding between Redford Road and Portobello.

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