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Last Updated: Tuesday, 16 August 2005, 15:40 GMT 16:40 UK
Would 2014 games be a good move?
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A bid to host the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow has received the backing of the Scottish Executive and opposition parties.

The 2002 games in Manchester left a legacy of investment, regeneration and increased visitors to the city.

To create the facilities and infrastructure for staging the events in Scotland will cost more than 200m.

We asked if the games would be worth the money, whether Scotland has a realistic chance of success and what it would mean for sport in Scotland.

The following comments reflect the balance of opinion we received.

I think it's a fabulous idea to continue Glasgow's regeneration and give it some focus. Why are the majority of voices against it Scottish? Is it more of that "too good for the likes of us" negativity? Come on! The city/nation will never fulfil its potential with those attitudes.
Pete, Glasgow

I think it will be great if Glasgow wins the Games - with all the focus on London and the 2012 Olympics it will make sure the focus on sport remains on top of the agenda in Scotland rather than being all headed south.
Steph Robertson, Glasgow , Scotland

Typical! Scotland has a shot at glory and all the majority can do is knock it down. I'm not surprised we didn't get Euro2008, the negativity of some of my fellow countrymen was shameful. We in Scotland have shown we can host major sporting events, and host them well. Why not the Commonwealth Games? The World has moved on since the last time they were held in this country and the benefits they brought to Manchester is reason enough for it to be held in Glasgow. Incidentally, India are hosting the games in 2010, and it will no doubt further improve their athletics record, something I honestly hope we benefit from in 2014. Scotland, Get Behind Glasgow2014!
Finlay, Aberdeen, Scotland

Why not go for it? Manchester has a legacy from the games held there in 2002. You only need to look at the superb stadium that was built for it and is now the home of Manchester City FC. My only concern is that three of the best sporting facilities the city has are absolutely pointless in using simply because football isn't played in the Commonwealth Games and this is our national game and three of our top sporting venues are football grounds. However, with the right adaptations and new, exciting facilities put in place, we can host a games that will bring out the best in the competitors and get more Scots interested in sport - surely a good thing.
John, Motherwell, Scotland

I hear part of the deal is to build a new all-seated sports stadium. So how many all seated stadia does Glasgow need with Hampden, Ibrox and Parkhead already built? Perhaps this one is earmarked for Partick Thistle!
Malcolm, Dundee

So lets look at this from the bottom up, how much has already been spent on consultancy work to assess the feasibility of this potential disaster. The answer is, probably too much, with the disastrous Scottish Parliament costs spiralling out of control I wouldn't trust the "KING" Jack and his cronies to organise a car boot sale, never mind an event of this magnitude. It can only end in disaster and overspending, something which all UK tax payers must object to and not just us Scots !!!
Mick, Ayr

English tax-payers aren't paying for anything in Scotland. Our oil and proportionally higher contribution to the exchequer paid for the Millennium Dome and will no doubt contribute to the Olympics in London as well. Good luck to Glasgow - we've got every chance and because Scotland has an increasingly distinctive international identity nowadays, the London Olympics will not harm our chances. Lets also bid again for the European Football Championships! The more that puts Scotland on the map the better for our economy, even if the bids cost us a lot.
Colin, Edinburgh

Another complete and utter waste of taxpayers money - Holyrood etc etc etc. Give proper funding to nursing - policing - new hospitals. I despair!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bob Mackay, Aberdeen

I backed the bid for London and I will back the bid for Glasgow. I would like to think that the 200m could be invested in upgrading and adding to some of the great facilities Glasgow already offers.
Fiona, Glasgow

Until the Scots can be represented in the Olympics as a separate nation they shouldn't consider hosting any sporting event. Use the energy to free the shackles first and learn to walk before trying to run the bottom of the medals table!
Al, Yorkshire

Good luck to Glasgow, I hope they get the games but as someone from Southern England can I now reverse a few comments we English had over the Olympics. For those south of Hadrian's Wall how are we to benefit? Will the money used in Scotland take money away from English athletes? Are we English as Brits going to subsidise these games? Have a familiar ring? However, like Manchester most Southerners will support the bid. Maybe the chips on our shoulders are a bit less.
Sean, England

The question itself is wrong. Yet again we go for second best. The Commonwealth Games is past its sell by date and holds very little interest for most. Very few can tell you who won what and where. If we need to spend tax payers money to promote Scotland then Really go for the football European Championships.
Pat McCrory, Uddingston

We had the Commonwealth Games here in Edinburgh in 1986 and we are still paying for it. And no new facilities were built since we had the leftovers from 1970 so now these facilities are 35 years old. Is it not about time they took place in India or somewhere like that?
Adrian Cannon, Edinburgh Scotland

NO NO and NO!
Dave Burnside, Edinburgh

Nice idea, but I don't want to be paying for it - English taxpayers have already had to pay for a Scottish Parliament that was far over-budget. Perhaps a tax on deep fried mars bars in Glasgow could pay for it.
A non, London, England

Once again another white elephant project. 200m estimate by consultants, typical process underbid at this stage and then run up the costs later. Potentially an ideal way to make the Scottish Parliament debacle look like good value.
Glen Allan, Glasgow

Have Jack and his merry bunch of spongers not wasted enough of our tax money! The Scottish Parly, now this mince....We're talking at least 400m to host this rubbish....
David Wilson, Milton Of Campsie

Does no-one remember the 1986 Commonwealth Games, and how they almost bankrupted Edinburgh Council, despite all the venues already being in place?
Colin Campbell, Edinburgh, Scotland

I think that Glasgow would be a great place to host the games. We have already proven that we are more than able with the Special Olympics. I think the money that would be required to provide the facilities would be a good investment by the Scottish Executive.
Suze, Lanarkshire

After the embarrassment of the shambolic Euro 2008 bid, Jack McConnell and the Scottish Parliament appear to have lost what little sense they had. Surely the resources earmarked to be wasted on this farcical act of gross stupidity would be better used elsewhere in our dilapidated so-called country. I would love to see another major sporting event come to Scotland, but I fear that McConnell and his collection of MSPs are not equipped to organise a proper, practical or successful bid for an event of this stature. To suggest Hampden Park as an athletics stadium is also ludicrous, as it would have to be substantially rebuilt (AGAIN) to accommodate a track!
Andrew Fallon, Perth, Scotland

Definitely - as a Londoner, who lives in Edinburgh, I'd be pleased to see the Games in Glasgow, and would support it wholeheartedly - Glasgow 2014 here we come!
Jordan Dias, London/Edinburgh, UK

If you can not have the Games without using these present facilities, Hampden, Parkhead, Ibrox, don't have them. Don't spend the money which will cost taxpayers 200 per working head of population.
Jim Hughes, Motherwell

If the Olympics in London is so good for Scottish sport why do we need to try for the Commonwealth Games? Or is this another attempt by the Scottish Executive to plough more taxpayers' money into the regeneration of Scotland's flagging second city at the expense of every other Scottish community? Somebody's kidding us on!
Paul, Scotland

Go for it! The games were great for Manchester and see you in 2014.
Kieron, Manchester

Yes, yes, yes! Having seen the positive impact the games had on Manchester, this is something that Glasgow and the whole of Scotland should get behind.
Paul Wheeler, Manchester

The bid is a complete waste of money without a chance of success. The Olympic Games are going to take place two years earlier in London. It's clearly unfair to stage two major international athletic events in the same country so close together.
Jack, Edinburgh

I'd be 100% behind it. My only slight worry would be what would happen to the facilities after the games have gone? Glasgow already has three 50,000-plus stadiums, what would we do with a fourth?
Tony, Glasgow

Why not? It's about time Scotland hosted a major championships, we will never get the Football World Cup or the Olympics so the Commonwealth games is our best bet.
John Avery, Jersey

It doesn't matter about success, what matters is that the games would be held in Scotland, and it would get the attention of up-and-coming Scottish talent.
John, Edinburgh

Go for it. Scotland was put on the world stage during the G8. We should learn from this and progress and fly the Scottish flag
J. Brunton, Edinburgh

Fantastic, great for Scotland. We need to climb the ranks in all the sporting world and this would give the perfect grounding. Let's get behind it.
Graham, London

No, this is not a good idea. Look at the financial wrangling already starting with the London games. We don't do public projects well in this country (a combination of bloody mindedness and frugality). There is no real evidence of economic benefits to staging this sort of event. The money would be better spent elsewhere.
Andrew, Livingston

As a Scot living in London, I have seen exactly how the Olympics will regenerate the east end of London. Glasgow (and Scotland as a whole) is already a world apart from London in terms of sporting facilities. This is apparent when you see the lack of Scottish athletes at the Athletics World Championships in Helsinki. The Commonwealth Games will bring Scotland up to date facilities that are needed in order for future Scottish athletes to succeed. Investment is needed in all sports....and not just football.
Stuart McPherson, Clapham

I think it would be a great idea as this sporting event will coincide with the 700th anniversary of the Battle of Bannockburn.
Peter McNaughton, Canada

Simple answer is yes, yes and yes. Scotland/Glasgow needs some good non-football stadium(s) so that they can support and watch other sports after the games i.e. club rugby (Glasgow Rugby), outdoor international athletics, cycling (indoor velodrome), swimming, etc.
Alex Morrison, Kirkintilloch, Scotland

A big yes. Especially so close after the London games. The increased uptake on all related sports after a major event is always high. The momentum from the London games will be boosted by a major Glasgow games. Good for the new sportsmen/women, good for the new facilities, good for the city/country.
Duncan, Renfrew

Excellent idea to host the games in Glasgow and a fantastic opportunity for Scots everywhere to be able to consider a more sporty lifestyle. For all the messages about exercise, it's hard for those of us with less than perfect frames to feel sport is really for us. Maybe the games will help!
Louise, Edinburgh

Good luck to Glasgow! The games breathed new life into Manchester, and left a lasting legacy, not just in terms of high quality sports facilities but in terms of transport improvements such as to Manchester Piccadilly, which benefit everyone. Glasgow, I really hope you get it.
HJS, Wales

I think it would be great if Glasgow held the Commonwealth Games. I went to the games in Manchester and the buzz it created in the city was fantastic. My brother trains for the 800m and javelin and although he could be too young for the London Olympics, this would give him something to aim for - a chance to compete in front of a home crowd.
Nic, Scotland

There are more ways to spend 200m. Roads, health, police, council tax subsidies. We need the games like a hole in the head.
Charles Glen, Bannockburn

Fantastic news. Scotland is famous for being the sick man of Europe. Let's give the kids in Glasgow a chance to get excited about sport, and give them some world class facilities. The enthusiasm for the Olympic bid in London convinced me that these events are something to celebrate. Good luck Glasgow!!
Katie, London (ex-Scotland)

Whilst I wish those involved with the bid every success, I hope that this executive's support is more tangible than that offered for the 2008 Euro Championship bid!
Gordon Graham, Edinburgh, Scotland

I think getting the games would be great, but let's not be fooled by the 'sporting legacy' talk. Where are all of the great athletes and facilities following the games in 1986? There aren't any!
Peter, Livingston

It can only be a good chance for sport if the Scottish Parliament decides to encourage success, achievement and competitiveness. Sadly our current climate of political correctness, particularly in schools, has banished the concept of 'winning' because it creates losers. If the Scottish Parliament has a say in the running of the Commonwealth Games, there would be no gold, silver or bronze medals - just a rainbow coloured one for every entrant !
Ramon, Edinburgh

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