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Last Updated: Monday, 20 June, 2005, 10:20 GMT 11:20 UK
Anti-drug dealer drive 'success'
Drugs suitcase
Drugs and money worth more than 1m have been recovered
More than 1.5m worth of drugs and cash have been seized in a drive to help communities remove traffickers.

The three-month "Dealers Don't Care, Do You?" campaign began in February and led to a big increase in tip-offs.

It featured a newspaper and poster campaign. A direct mailshot urging people to report dealers was sent to homes in areas hardest hit by drugs.

The campaign was part of a get-tough policy which includes the Proceeds of Crime Act.

This allows officials to freeze profits made by the illegal trade.

The cost of the blitz was estimated at about 1m. But the Justice Minister, Cathy Jamieson, stressed that the tip-offs received from informers had led to enough drugs and cash being seized to foot the bill.

Each and every call has contributed greatly to the fight against drug dealing
Det Ch Supt Stephen Ward

"Too many communities across Scotland have suffered for too long at the hands of drug dealers who think they can lord it up on the proceeds of this miserable, evil trade," Ms Jamieson said.

"The success of this campaign, funded from assets seized from criminals, shows that they can no longer get away with it."

She continued: "Communities are fighting back against the dealers, safe in the knowledge that they can provide information anonymously.

"I also want to remind the public that while this campaign has now closed, the crackdown against the dealers goes on."

Police praise

About 1m in drugs and more than 31,000 were seized during the three month campaign. There were also 175 arrests for drug-related offences.

A further 467,000 of drugs and more than 30,000 in cash were seized during a two-week operation by the Scottish Drug Enforcement Agency and police forces in May using intelligence built up during the campaign. This resulted in more than 400 arrests.

Crimestoppers call centre
Crimestoppers received hundreds of calls during the campaign

Detective Chief Superintendent Stephen Ward, of the Scottish Drug Enforcement Agency (SDEA), said the response of the public had been outstanding.

He added: "Each and every call has contributed greatly to the fight against drug dealing. The results achieved so far are only part of the overall picture.

"The ability of the police to more accurately target future drug operations will continue to have a real and long term impact on the ability of drug dealers to operate their high risk trade."

During the campaign, Crimestoppers received about 3,600 "actionable" calls about drugs, averaging approximately 60 a day.

The direct mail exercise, run during the first two weeks in April targetted 220,000 homes. This resulted in more than 1,120 responses of which 585 were actionable.

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