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Rose Gentle in plea to PM's wife
Rose Gentle
Rose Gentle will speak to Cherie Blair via a video letter
The mother of a Glasgow soldier who was killed in Iraq has made a direct appeal to Cherie Blair in bid to bring troops back home to the UK..

Rose Gentle, 40, has criticised the UK's presence in Iraq since her son Gordon, 19, was killed this summer.

In a film screened on Sunday at the Glasgow Film Theatre, she called on Mrs Blair, "mother to mother", to help end the conflict.

Mrs Gentle claims the conflict is "an illegal and unjustifiable war".

Video letter

The video letter, entitled Dear Mrs Blair, was made by Mrs Gentle with the help of The Camcorder Guerillas, a Glasgow-based collective of independent filmmakers.

The Glasgow mother's son, Gordon Gentle, was killed in Basra in June after a roadside bomb was detonated while he was on patrol.

Pte Gentle was serving with the Royal Highland Fusiliers and was killed just weeks after completing his training.

The Gentle family believe the blast which killed him was triggered remotely and could have been prevented if his vehicle had been fitted with the right equipment.

Since his death Mrs Gentle has become an outspoken critic of the conflict in Iraq and called upon Prime Minister Tony Blair to pull soldiers out of the country on numerous occasions.

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