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Last Updated: Tuesday, 14 June, 2005, 07:28 GMT 08:28 UK
Teenager talks of G8 apprehension
By Andrew Mason, aged 14
Schoolboy in Auchterarder

Andrew Mason
Andrew Mason lives a stone's throw from the summit's venue

The G8 summit at Gleneagles has thrust Perthshire onto the world stage. How are people there viewing the event? BBC Scotland's news website has been seeking local points of view.

As the G8 summit approaches I have mixed emotions of excitement and apprehension.

Excitement at the thought of eight of the world's most powerful leaders meeting to discuss global issues, such as climate change and the cancelling of third word debt, in a hotel just a mile from my home.

Apprehension at the thought of what impact the summit will have on the community of Auchterarder.

Rumours abound as the summit draws closer and we wonder how our day-to-day routine will change.

We have been notified of road closures and several businesses have made known their intention to close for the duration of the summit.

Birds-eye view

No-one really knows how many protesters will converge on Auchterarder, whether their campaigns will be peaceful and indeed how Auchterarder can be expected to cope with a large influx of people.

There are rumours of a rally in the public park which I have a bird's-eye view of from the back of my home.

Rather too close for comfort if the situation turns nasty.

What about the ordinary citizens of Auchterarder?

At school, we have been introduced to police horses, as these are to be a familiar sight on our streets and an increased police presence is all too apparent.

Are the authorities anticipating the protests getting out of hand?

Miles of wire fencing have being assembled around the hotel to protect the G8 leaders, but what about the ordinary citizens of Auchterarder?

We can only hope that the summit progresses peacefully and that many pertinent issues are addressed and possibly resolved during the three-day meeting of the G8.

Wouldn't it be satisfying to know that any inconvenience caused to the residents of Auchterarder had at least culminated in a positive outcome for the world and for future generations?

A little bit of history would have been created on our doorstep.

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