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Fraser's G8 wheels of justice
By Fraser White
G8 Community Liaison Officer

Fraser White
Fraser White carries out patrols in Auchterarder on his bike

The G8 summit at Gleneagles has thrust Perthshire onto the world stage. How are people there viewing the event? BBC Scotland's news website has been seeking local points of view.

In July 2004 the Foreign office announced that the G8 summit for 2005 would be held at Gleneagles Hotel, Perthshire.

Tayside Police, who have responsibility for policing the event, decided to appoint a G8 community officer to work with the local community on the build up to this event.

On 31 August I took up my new post working from Auchterarder police office.

I relished the thought of returning to the area as I had worked here twice before and really enjoyed my time.

I was deployed as a community officer and as in my previous post in Perth, part of these duties included patrols of the area on a police cycle. Patrols were also carried out on foot and occasionally in a car.

My task is to maintain a point of contact with the local community of South Perthshire who will be affected by the summit. I actively listen to concerns and ensure that this information is relayed to the main police planning team.

Media attention

In return, I relay as much information to them as I have with regard to the policing of the local area during the event and how it's likely to affect them.

I have also attended and spoken at in excess of 50 meetings since September. These have included community councils, parent teachers associations, mother and toddler groups and Scout associations.

Unknown to me at this time I was also going to be the subject of much media attention. I then became involved in several TV, radio and press interviews. This resulted in a lot of stick from colleagues.

Although the community policing commitment for South Perthshire has increased over the past few months, I still find myself as the recognised police face in the area.

Fraser White
I might consider writing a book after this is over

Since January inquiries started to increase as did the media attention.

Unfortunately, the media appear to concentrate on the negative within the community and ignore any positive response from locals.

This aspect has disappointed me and does not go down well with the community but obviously sells newsprint.

South Perthshire is a great area to live and work. The local communities are rightly proud of their quality and style of life here and I only hope that the G8 summit brings benefits to the area.

On a lighter note some of the questions I have been asked or rumours I have been asked to clarify have been quite amusing.

We recently cleared an area of ground near the hotel for car parking, but I was asked to confirm if we had started building a landing area for Air Force One.

The recent construction of the security fence was very high profile in the nation's press and prompted one individual to ask if he could buy 400 metres of it when the summit was over.

Another lady asked how we would deal with the CIA shooting wildcats at Gleneagles Hotel if they got too close to the president.

I might even consider writing a book after this is all over.

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