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Sir Tom Hunter 'chuffed' at award
Tom Hunter
Sir Tom Hunter: "very chuffed"
One of Scotland's richest men has described himself as "very chuffed" at being knighted in the Queen's Birthday Honours List.

Tom Hunter, who has given away large sums from his fortune, was honoured for services to philanthropy and entrepreneurship.

The businessman acquired his wealth from a chain of sports shops, which he started with a family loan.

He was estimated earlier this year to be worth 678m.

Sir Tom, who sold his Sports Division chain 1998 for 290m, has been one of the prime supporters of the Make Poverty History campaign.

He said in February of the Gleneagles summit: "These eight people who are going to sit right here in Scotland have a moment in history to solve this and if they don't, I'm afraid that moment will be gone.

Charity efforts

"And that's just not good enough."

He donated 1m to rebuild schools destroyed in the Indian Ocean tsunami disaster and gave 7m to Bob Geldof for his Band Aid 20 single last year.

Sir Tom is ploughing 100,000 into a 500,000 joint project with the Scottish Executive.

A team of experts will be set up to research training methods around the world and arrange courses for heads and council education staff.

The executive and the Hunter Foundation are also putting a further 500,000 into new leadership projects.

The foundation was set up by the tycoon and his wife in 1998 to invest in enterprise and educational initiatives aimed largely at children.


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