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Last Updated: Thursday, 2 December, 2004, 06:45 GMT
Centre urges 'positive thinking'
Fan in Horseshoe Bar, Glasgow
People living in Scotland are being urged to accentuate the positive
People in Scotland suffering from low self esteem are being offered a ray of sunshine at a new centre designed to tackle the "cannae do" attitude.

The Glasgow-based Centre for Confidence and Well-Being will receive 750,000 funding over three years to boost optimism and self belief.

Its chief executive Carol Craig said negative thinking impacts on physical and mental health.

Education Minister Peter Peacock said self confidence can work wonders.

The centre aims to change Scottish culture and encourage positive attitudes, individuality, creativity and innovation.

We are too focused on what's wrong rather than what's right
Dr Craig
Confidence Centre
It was launched at the Scotland's Tipping Point Conference in Glasgow and is being funded by the Scottish Executive, the Hunter Foundation and Scottish Enterprise.

Dr Craig said self confidence and optimism were crucial for people in Scotland to survive in the modern world.

"The fact that many Scots lack confidence has enormous implications for economic growth and enterprise as well as physical and mental health," she said.

"It can also have a negative effect on creativity, personal relationships and parenting skills.

"Our political culture and our media are also adversely affected by pessimism and negativity."

Glass half empty

Dr Craig said the centre would strive to avoid creating "a nation of self-obsessed Pollyannas".

She added: "Pessimistic thinking is crucial for survival, but we are too focused on what's wrong rather than what's right.

"If we could be 20% more positive in our thoughts then our ability to solve some of the large social and health problems facing us would improve, as would our feelings of well-being."

Mr Peacock said developing confidence among Scotland's youngsters was vital in helping them reach their potential.

He said: "Confidence will help them adopt a 'can-do' approach, encourage them to take all the opportunities that come their way and will ensure there is no limit to their ambition."

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