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Last Updated: Wednesday, 17 November, 2004, 15:39 GMT
Service for Black Watch soldier
Sgt Stuart Gray, 31, Pte Paul Lowe, 19 and Pte Scott McArdle, 22,
Pte Paul Lowe, 19, (centre) died in a suicide attack
The funeral has taken place of another of the three Black Watch soldiers killed in a suicide attack in Iraq.

Family and friends attended the service for Private Paul Lowe, 19, in Kelty Parish Church, Kelty, where the minister paid tribute to the soldier.

Pte Lowe died along with Sergeant Stuart Gray, 31, and Private Scott McArdle, 22, in the blast at a vehicle checkpoint on 4 November.

A service took place on Tuesday for Pte McArdle in his home town of Glenrothes.

'Never forget'

During the 30-minute service, the Rev. Scott Burton described Pte Lowe as an ordinary teenager as well as a soldier, who was a talented drummer and an avid Rangers supporter.

"We do not pretend that tears are unnecessary - they are all too necessary," he told mourners.

"But in our grieving, our searching, our struggling to come to terms with Paul's death, we can find the light of God amidst the grief and heartache and we will not forget to give thanks to God for the magnificent man that Paul Lowe had become.

Today Pte Lowe's fellow soldiers, commanding officers, family, friends and whole community honour him as brave, resolute, determined soldier he was
Rev. Scott Burton

Mr Burton also spoke of Pte Lowe's pride in being a member of the Black Watch.

"With that same honour that Pte Paul Lowe gave to his regiment, the Black Watch, we honour this son of Scotland, this child of God, with our vow to never forget him."

Ending his eulogy, the clergyman spoke of the fellow men who died on 4 November along with Pte Lowe.

"We all know only too well that Paul fell in action along with Sergeant Stuart Gray and Private Scott McArdle.

"There Paul suffered fatal injuries from attack aged only 19.

"But those who watched him grow through the years will tell you that, having joined up as a boy, Pte Paul Aitken Lowe leaves now with full military honours as a man.

"Today Pte Lowe's fellow soldiers, commanding officers, family, friends and whole community honour him as brave, resolute, determined soldier he was."

Amazing Grace

The service was broadcast by loud speaker to the people of Kelty and those from further afield who had lined the streets.

Traffic was stopped and shops shut for an hour as a mark of respect.

The hymns Amazing Grace and I to the Hills Will Lift My Eyes were sung, followed by the National Anthem and the Black Watch Collect.

Pte Lowe's coffin, which was dressed with a Saltire flag, Iraq medal, and Black Watch regimental wreath, was then carried from the church accompanied by a piper playing Soldier's Return.

Mrs Lowe then left the church, clasping the hand of her youngest son, 10-year-old Jordan.

She was accompanied by Pte Lowe's three other brothers and her fiancÚ Nigel Atkinson.

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