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Last Updated: Monday, 15 November, 2004, 13:45 GMT
Wilson powers ahead with windmill
The device at Brian Wilson's home
The device feeds power straight into the household supply
A pioneering domestic windmill has been installed at the Glasgow home of former energy minister Brian Wilson.

The Plug 'n' Save device, produced in Livingston by Windsave, is said to be the first to feed wind-generated power straight into the household supply.

The device is the brainchild of Glasgow entrepreneur David Gordon, who described it as "the most important new consumer product for a generation".

Mr Wilson said it had "unlimited" potential at home and abroad.

The small windmill is mounted on a pole fixed to the end of Mr Wilson's home.

Environmental sense

It feeds electricity straight into the household supply, using a sophisticated control box and an ordinary 13 amp plug.

Windsave aims to produce 500 of the devices each week from January next year, and is hoping to strike a distribution, installation and maintenance deal with Scottish Gas.

Mr Gordon said the product made sound economic and environmental sense.

"I believe this is the most important new consumer product for a generation," he said.

Brian Wilson
Brian Wilson is a former UK energy minister
"It opens the way, for the first time, to mass participation in the renewable energy market."

He said that, depending on wind quality, people could generate between 15% and a third of their electricity from a single turbine.

Users can also claim a 60 annual "green dividend" payment in the form of "renewable obligation certificates," a subsidy scheme for green energy.

Mr Wilson said: "While everyone else was looking at relatively small numbers of ever-bigger windmills, he (Mr Gordon) was working away on developing a technology which would sit on anyone's roof and plug into their mains supply," he said.

"The potential for this device is unlimited at home and abroad.

"No consumer product has ever succeeded on the basis of public altruism alone. People have to be persuaded that it makes economic sense and that is where the Windsave system scores so heavily."

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