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Last Updated: Friday, 12 November, 2004, 12:09 GMT
MSP vows to toe no-smoking line
parliament windows
Window of opportunity: the MSP was spotted puffing
An MSP who was caught having a fly puff out of a Holyrood window on the day of Scotland's smoking ban vote has promised not to do it again.

Liberal Democrat Jeremy Purvis was spotted dragging on a cigar in a no smoking area.

The MSP for Tweeddale, Ettrick and Lauderdale has vowed to mend his ways.

"I will not do it again. I have given an assurance to the parliamentary authorities," he said.

But he has no intention of giving up, despite the first minister's bid to cure Scotland's reputation as the "sick man of Europe".

Jeremy Purvis - picture supplied by Scottish Parliament
Jeremy Purvis: "I am not planning to give up"

Mr Purvis, who is the patron of a heart charity, admitted: "I have been an occasional smoker for 10 years. It is something I should be stopping.

"I have to confess I enjoy the occasional cigar. I should give up but I am not planning to give up."

But he added: "It was the wrong thing to do and I have pledged not to do it again as there is no smoking in the parliament.

"It wasn't in the office, it was out of a window in the MSP block."

A Holyrood spokesman said: "The Scottish Parliament has a no smoking policy and acts to ensure it is adhered to."

Why Scottish ministers backed the ban


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