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Smoking ban: What they said
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Reaction has been mixed
Reaction to the decision to ban smoking in public places in Scotland has been swift and varied.

First Minister Jack McConnell said the ban, which will be in force by the spring of 2006, would change the health of the nation for the better.

Dr Peter Terry, chairman of the British Medical Association Scotland

This is a great day for Scotland and a great day for devolution. While government at Westminster procrastinates, our own Scottish Executive has consulted with the public, listened to the debate and has decided that the health of the population is worth more than the biased economic arguments and junk science promoted by those who argued against legislation.

Tim Lord, chief executive of the Tobacco Manufacturers Association

Opinion polls have consistently shown that the majority of people in Scotland want to see more restrictions on smoking in public places but they do not support a total ban. Now is the time for everybody in Scotland who favours a voluntary approach to make their views known to the Scottish Executive in the hope that they will find more considered and workable solutions which reflect what the public wants

Dr Mairi Scott, chairwoman of the Royal College of General Practitioners Scotland

GPs see the horrific consequences of smoking and passive smoking every day. We applaud the Scottish Executive for making the right decision and hope the English Government will see sense and follow suit.

Simon Clark, director of Forest

The executive has decided to snub the silent majority in favour of the vociferous anti-smoking minority. They have waved two fingers at the people of Scotland who want restrictions but not a total ban. This is not the end of the smoking debate. It has only just begun.

Professor Andrew Peacock, British Thoracic Society

The Scottish Cabinet must be applauded for acting decisively on the overwhelming medical evidence showing the harmful effects of passive smoking. Hopefully Westminster will now follow suit. It is time for UK ministers to show the same determination as their Scottish colleagues to protect people from second-hand cigarette smoke.

Paul Waterson, Scottish Licensed Trade Association

We're very disappointed but we're not surprised. It seems the priorities of the executive are to criminalise ordinary people in pubs instead of tackling real crime in our cities and towns. We will continue to fight this decision, we owe that to the licensed trade, which after today could be decimated.

Professor John Britton, chairman of the Royal College of Physicians' Tobacco Advisory Group

The College applauds this courageous decision, which will be good for health and good for Scotland, and will hopefully shame the English Government into following suit.

Prof Alex Markham, chief executive of Cancer Research UK

Huge numbers of lives will be saved as a result of this legislation and many smokers, desperate for the support to give up, will have a golden opportunity to quit successfully. Scotland is following the example of Ireland where a smoking ban has been so successful that 7,000 smokers stopped within six months of the new law coming into effect.

Maureen Moore, chief executive Ash Scotland

Tobacco has done so much damage to Scottish society; these new laws will help us to improve everyone's quality of life. Ash Scotland strongly endorses this move from the Scottish Executive. It is a bold and radical proposal to find a Scottish solution to a Scottish problem.

Iain Lowis, director for Scotland, British Heart Foundation

We commend the Scottish Executive's bold decision to tackle the danger and showing how seriously they take the health of the country. We hope the ban will encourage smokers to give up smoking and significantly reduce their chances of coronary heart disease.

Ian Gibson, director for Scotland, Macmillan Cancer Relief

Ending smoking in enclosed public places will be popular with the public, but even if it was not it would still be necessary to push ahead with bold plans to improve tobacco control laws and save lives in Scotland.

Rod Bullough, of Freedom2Choose

We are opposed to an outright ban on smoking in pubs and bars but we're not opposed on health grounds. Nobody is stupid enough to think that smoking is good for you, but we see a ban as a sledgehammer to crack a nut.

Convention of Scottish Local Authorities' social work spokesman Councillor Eric Jackson

This is the correct decision and shows strong leadership by First Minister Jack McConnell and his Cabinet colleagues. This decision marks a watershed in Scottish devolution and local government gives it its full backing.

David Matthews, drinks sector specialist KPMG

This should come as welcome news to all those involved in the pub industry who may have assumed that a ban would have a massively detrimental effect on their profits. Our survey shows that while there may be some loss of trade amongst regular pub-goers this loss will be compensated for by increased patronage amongst the "once a week" brigade.

Scots smoking ban details set out
10 Nov 04 |  Scotland


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