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Last Updated: Friday, 5 November, 2004, 06:30 GMT
Fire submarine to leave Faslane
HMCS Chicoutimi under tow
A crippled HMCS Chicoutimi was towed to the Faslane naval base
The Canadian Navy is to transport its fire-damaged submarine HMCS Chicoutimi across the Atlantic for repairs.

The vessel was towed to the Faslane naval base in Scotland last month after drifting helplessly for five days.

One sailor died from smoke inhalation and eight others required medical treatment following the incident.

The Canadian Navy said towing the vessel home was the most effective option for making her sea-worthy again following the blaze on board.

The former Royal Navy submarine had been on its way to Nova Scotia from Faslane, on the Clyde, after being sold to Canada.

Lt Chris Saunders died following the fire, which occurred on Tuesday, 5 October.

A board of inquiry has been taking evidence on what happened.

Officials say the most effective option for carrying out repairs is to take the sub to Canada.

It has been confirmed that a specially designed transport ship will be used to carry HMCS Chicoutimi across the Atlantic, although it is not clear when she will be moved.

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