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Rings star Boyd makes studio call
Lord of the Rings hobbits with Billy Boyd front
Billy Boyd (front) says Scotland's facilities could be better
Lord of the Rings star Billy Boyd has called on ministers to help launch a dedicated film studio for Scotland.

The young actor has urged the Scottish Executive to show the initiative and take advantage of the "rebirth" of the Scottish screen industry.

Boyd, who played the Hobbit Pippin Took in the Tolkien trilogy, urged the executive to harness the movie talent living and working north of the border.

He was speaking at an event in Glasgow announcing film award nominations.

When asked about Scotland's movie-making facilities, he said: "It's great but it could always be better. It would be lovely to see a studio up here at some point. That would be a great step forward.

Raise profile

"There are so many films that want to use Scotland, want to use our scenery and technicians and art.

"So whatever we can do to push that forward would be a good thing.

"I'd like to see [the executive] do more. I think film is so much of our generation it feels like there's a rebirth in Scotland at the moment so let's try and make film part of that and do whatever is possible to raise its profile."

There's a lot of talent here
Billy Boyd

The star said he would try to make the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (Bafta) Scotland awards ceremony in Glasgow on 14 November.

"It's quite important for Scotland to have its own identity in Bafta as well because there's a lot of talent here," he said.

"We have great writers and great filmmakers living and working in Scotland. We have to applaud that and wherever possible try and get our own identity in that."

The Bafta Scotland nominations feature 13 categories ranging from best animation to best documentary.

Ewan McGregor, for Young Adam, and Kevin McKidd, for 16 Years of Alcohol, are among the nominees for best actor in a Scottish film.

Eva Birthistle, for Ae Fond Kiss, and Tilda Swinton, for Young Adam, are up for the best actress category.

Richard Jobson, for 16 Years of Alcohol, and David MacKenzie, for Young Adam, are among the nominees for best director.

And Young Adam, American Cousins and Wilbur (Wants To Kill Himself) are up for best feature film.

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