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Last Updated: Monday, 26 July, 2004, 15:39 GMT 16:39 UK
Editor resigns over captions slur
Caption in the Southern Reporter
The offending words that crept into the newspaper
The editor of a weekly newspaper has resigned over photograph captions which ridiculed people in the Borders.

Southern Reporter editor Willie Mack quit after festival-goers were described as "pious little bleeders" who should "get out more often".

Bosses at Johnston Press, which owns the paper, launched an inquiry into the captions on pictures of St Ronan's Games Week and Cleekum Ceremonies.

Mr Mack apologised for the offence caused to his readers.

After the captions appeared last Thursday, games committee treasurer Norman Scott said: "We had a great week of celebrations and now the Southern Reporter has destroyed everything.

"Whoever wrote these words must be at least in league with the devil."

One caption read: "Caption Caption: about these pious little bleeders and the lady Busser doing that interminably boring thing so cherished by Border festivals. What on earth is going on in this picture - these people have got to get out more often for their peace of mind and sanity."

Paper sorry for captions offence
23 Jul 04  |  Scotland

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