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Last Updated: Monday, 28 June, 2004, 21:34 GMT 22:34 UK
Deportation for nuclear activist
Greenpeace activists unfurl a banner from a bridge
Greenpeace activists unfurl a banner from a bridge
A Greenpeace activist from Glasgow is facing deportation from Turkey after staging a protest during the Nato summit.

William Peden, 37, was among 18 demonstrators arrested after unfurling a huge banner attacking the "nuclear threat" of the international body.

The group was charged with illegal protest after flying the banner off a bridge over the Bosphorus.

Also arrested was Nicky Davies, 33, an Australian with a British passport.

The pair were in police custody as they awaited deportation.

The Greenpeace protest was one of many demonstrations targeting world leaders including Tony Blair in Istanbul.

The activists suspended themselves from the bridge to unfurl a banner with the words "Nukes out of Nato".

We have been held for 12 hours and are now in a building, in custody, waiting to be deported
William Peden
Greenpeace activist
Greenpeace said the protest was to "highlight the military alliance's hypocrisy in trying to make peace by way of using the threat of nuclear weapons".

Mr Peden and Ms Davies, who both live in Amsterdam, said they appeared in court for illegal protest and may have to face the charge in August.

Mr Peden said: "We have been held for 12 hours and are now in a building, in custody, waiting to be deported."

Ms Davies said they were in contact with British consular staff.

A Foreign Office spokeswoman confirmed the pair were to be deported from Turkey.

The rest of the group arrested included an Austrian and 15 Turks.

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