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Last Updated: Monday, 17 May, 2004, 15:16 GMT 16:16 UK
Lap dancer breaches air security
Soraya Wilson
Ms Wilson said she climbed over the airport's security fence
An investigation has begun at Aberdeen Airport after a breach of security when a young woman was found asleep on board a parked aircraft.

Security staff at the airport discovered Soraya Wilson on the Gama Aviation plane on Thursday morning.

The airline - on contract to the Scottish Ambulance Service - expressed disappointment that lap dancer Ms Wilson was only cautioned by a sheriff.

Ms Wilson said she was drunk when she scaled the airport's security fence.

'Severe embarrassment'

Security expert David Capitanchik told BBC Scotland: "I expect this incident causes great embarrassment to the airport authorities.

"It's not the sort of thing that should happen. That's what barbed wire fences are there for and CCTV and guys who should be patrolling the perimeter.

"I think it's a severe embarrassment to say the least."

Ms Wilson, 22, appeared at Aberdeen Sheriff Court on Friday where she was admonished.

The airport said it was carrying out a full investigation and that Ms Wilson had been banned from the airport, unless she had a valid reason to travel.

When asked why she had breached security, Ms Wilson told BBC Scotland: "I was angry with my boyfriend and I'd had a few drinks so I just kept walking and I ended up at the fence.

"I climbed over the fence and fell asleep on a plane."

A spokesman for Gama Aviation said the company was "concerned" at the security breach, especially given the current levels of heightened security.

He said there was disappointment that the sheriff deemed a caution to be an acceptable response to the woman's "reckless actions".

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