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Last Updated: Tuesday, 4 May, 2004, 13:56 GMT 14:56 UK
Police clock driver at 150mph
Speed gun
The motorist was filmed driving at 150mph
A motorist in Fife has been clocked driving at what is believed to be one of the fastest speeds to be recorded by police in Scotland.

The driver was one of 200 caught on camera during a weekend crackdown by Fife Police.

The guilty motorist was behind the wheel of a high performance sports saloon car when he was photographed by a mobile speed camera at about 150mph.

The driver was captured on film while travelling on the A92 dual carriageway.

He is said to have been talking on a mobile phone at the time the offence was committed.

Police revealed that 10% of the 200 caught were being driven at speeds of more than 100mph.

A spokesman for Fife Constabulary confirmed that a report would be sent to the procurator fiscal in connection with the incident.

Driving a car at that speed carries the same danger as discharging a shotgun in a crowded street
Isobel Brydie, SCID

Neil Greig, head of AA policy in Scotland, described the incident as "beyond irresponsible".

He added: "I find this absolutely shocking that someone would drive with such disregard for their own safety and the safety of others.

"Not only is it near impossible to control a car at such a ridiculous speed it is beggars belief that they were on a mobile phone at the time."

Isobel Brydie, spokeswoman for the Scottish Campaign against Irresponsible Drivers (SCID), branded the driver as "completely mad".

She said: "Driving a car at that speed carries the same danger as discharging a shotgun in a crowded street.

"It's absolute madness to drive at that speed and there can be no possible excuse for it."

Chief Inspector Bob Farmer, from Fife's road policing department, said: "This beggars belief given that at such a high speed, any slight distraction could be fatal both for the driver and any innocent motorists who are safely travelling within the speed limits.

"I'm astounded, in total disbelief of the utter disregard that some drivers demonstrate towards their own and other people's lives.

Last year car dealer Jason McAllister was jailed for five months after he drove his BMW at more than 156mph on the A90 between Aberdeen and Dundee.

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