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Last Updated: Tuesday, 21 September, 2004, 15:53 GMT 16:53 UK
Minister seeks green role models
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The minister said bodies must raise their game
Public bodies have been urged to improve their record and lead by example on the environment.

Deputy Environment Minister Allan Wilson said organisations would be asked to carry out a green audit and look at ways to do things better.

He said ministers would be working on a green action plan for the future.

However, the Scottish Greens said official figures proved that ministers were doing little to halt environmental decline in Scotland.

Mr Wilson was speaking at an environmental seminar in Edinburgh attended by representatives from organisations including Caledonian MacBrayne and the Scottish Prison Service.

He said public bodies and agencies have been tasked with carrying out an environmental audit and looking at improving their record in areas including use of energy, cutting waste and recycling.

These statistics show a clear picture of environmental decline and future climate change chaos, and little is being done to halt it
Robin Harper
Scottish Green Party
This information will be used to set improvement targets.

The minister said: "We have taken a number of steps through initiatives and legislation to reduce our own impact on the environment.

"Our commitment to greener government includes work to promote renewable energy, waste minimisation, recycling, energy efficiency and reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

"Over the coming year we will be working closely with other organisations to develop a Scottish strategy and action plan for sustainable development."

'Business as usual'

However, the Greens said ministers were playing down the release of annual environmental statistics.

Party parliamentary leader Robin Harper said: "These statistics show a clear picture of environmental decline and future climate change chaos, and little is being done to halt it.

"Despite claiming green credentials, the Labour-Liberal Democrat coalition is failing to make meaningful progress.

"They have tried to hide this evidence by not alerting the media to these statistics, hoping that no-one will notice.

"The executive should not get away with talking up its concern about the environment and then continuing with business as usual."

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