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Last Updated: Thursday, 9 September, 2004, 11:28 GMT 12:28 UK
Doric set to 'dee the business'
The cast of The Office
An office department becomes "bourachies o' fowk"
Doing business in the Doric dialect has been brought up to date thanks to an Aberdeen software company.

MandOS has produced a tongue-in-cheek guide to common business and computer terms in the pithy native tongue of north east Scotland.

It translates phrases like process flowcharts to "the wye tae dee things" and completion checklists "ticketyboo tick lists".

The firm said Doric translations showed business concepts in a new light.

Departments: bourachies o' fowk
Value: foo mony or foo muckle
Quality: fit wye a thingmie's fit for fit it's suppose tae fit
Business risk: onything that can mak' an erse o' fit ye're trying tae dee
Draft: nae quite feenish'd
Task sequence: fit's deen next
The MandOS software allows users to customise the language they use in documents to incorporate Doric.

The distinctive Scots dialect of the north-east has a rich history of poetry and songs, as well as being spoken across the region.

A company spokesman said: "People sometimes take themselves and what they do too seriously and sometimes they don't succeed in making themselves clear to others.

"This has a serious side: it can be demotivating, even dangerous, depending on the process in question.

"Our 'translation' may just possibly help to make some of the concepts more understandable."

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