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Driving ban for singer Jay Kay
Jay Kay
Jay Kay had admitted the speeding charge
Jamiroquai singer Jay Kay has been banned for six months after being clocked driving at more than 100mph.

Lawyers for the 34-year-old had argued at Perth Sheriff Court that he needed his licence so he could have "respite" from his busy professional life.

But Sheriff Robert McCreadie said his conduct was "entirely unacceptable".

The singer had admitted driving a four-wheel-drive vehicle at 105mph on the A9 in Perthshire in February while overtaking. He was also fined 750.

After the court appearance he described the speeding offence as "regrettable".

His ability to drive and to get away for respite from time to time, when he can, is very important to him
John Cowan
"I would point out I was driving a 4x4 and not a fast sports car," he said.

"Much has been misrepresented in the past as regards my attitude to driving.

"I have made a mistake in this instance but I have an advanced driving licence and do take road safety seriously."

The multi-millionaire singer, whose full name is Jason Kay, had been returning from his croft in Gairloch at the time of the offence.

He was driving a 4x4 with a personal registration plate when he was spotted by a police patrol near the Dalnaspidal junction.

Solicitor John Cowan said his client needed his driving licence.

'Deep regrets'

"He has a house in Gairloch which is a hideaway from a very busy professional life. An international life.

"His ability to drive and to get away for respite from time to time, when he can, is very important to him.

"He deeply regrets having to appear here, but here he is," he said.

Perth Sheriff Court
The singer appeared at Perth Sheriff Court
However, he admitted that Kay had picked up another three points in July, taking his total to nine - and making disqualification inevitable.

The singer has been recording his latest album in New York.

He initially recorded his guilty plea by letter, in which he explained that he had been travelling to England for an important appointment.

Kay said he had come to a stretch of dual carriageway after being stuck behind traffic on a single carriageway road.

"Wishing to overtake a number of slow-moving vehicles I pulled into the overtaking lane and sped up," Kay wrote.

Driving offences

"This was a downhill section of roadway and unfortunately during the course of this manoeuvre my speed regrettably increased more than I had intended."

Kay - who once splashed out 450,000 on a 220mph Ferrari Spider and has a large collection of vehicles - has previous convictions for driving offences.

He was banned in 1998 after he was clocked at 111mph on the M40 in a Ferrari F40.

Kay claimed he was racing home to stop a crazed fan burning down his mansion.

Pop star Jay Kay admits speeding
19 Jul 04  |  Scotland


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