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Frontline Scotland
Frontline Scotland is BBC Scotland's investigative current affairs programme broadcast on Tuesday nights.

Live and archived programmes from the current series are available here, along with details of forthcoming Frontline exclusives.

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Puppies - generic

The Dog Dealers

Ever thought about buying a puppy? Ever thought about where it came from?

Puppy farming is earning unscrupulous dealers hundreds of thousands of pounds with no thought of the dog's welfare or the impact on families who buy puppies that can be sick or damaged.

Frontline Scotland's Ross McWilliam goes on the trail of the dog dealers: from isolated farms in Ireland where puppies are reared in appalling conditions to the sellers in Scotland taking hundreds of pounds for dogs that often aren't the healthy pedigree pups they are claimed to be.

This programme was broadcast on BBC One Scotland at 2235 BST on Tuesday, 25 May.

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Security Wars

Murder. Intimidation. Arson. Just a few of the tactics used by those behind Scotland's unregulated security industry.

Frontline Scotland's Samantha Poling goes undercover and confronts those involved in this dangerous world of gangsters and guards.

Sam encounters a gun-runner, a killer and a fraudster.

The programme also reveals how some construction sites are home to paedophiles, drug dealers and men who will stop at nothing to win security contracts.

This programme was broadcast on BBC One Scotland at 2235 BST on Tuesday, 18 May.

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Love is the Drug

Your golden years are meant to be a chance to relax and live for yourself.

But what about the pensioners who find themselves bringing up grandchildren because their own grown-up children are drug users?

There are thousands of them and until now they have done so in secret - afraid the children would be taken away by social work if they admitted the truth.

Now a national campaign group is set to demand new rights for grandparents.

Frontline Scotland offers a unique insight into the lives of Scotland's hidden army of carers as they prepare to emerge from the shadows.

This programme was broadcast on BBC One Scotland at 2235 BST on Tuesday, 11 May.

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Screenshot from Grand Theft Auto

Vice City

Grand Theft Auto is a global phenomenon which has regularly topped the bestseller lists, selling more than 30 million copies across the world.

But the game, which was originally designed in Dundee and is still produced in Scotland, is under attack from some American lawyers.

Frontline Scotland's Ross McWilliam investigates the claims that the game is too violent and is linked with several killings in the US.

The programme was broadcast at 2235 BST on Tuesday, 4 May.

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Immigration centre - generic

Silent Workers

Ross McWilliam reveals the hidden world of migrant workers in Scotland.

Frontline Scotland goes behind the scenes to expose the agencies demanding cash payments from Moscow to Scotland, exploiting workers who have no choice but to stay quiet.

The programme was broadcast at 2235 BST on Tuesday, 27 April.

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The Boys in Basra

Samantha Poling finds out how the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders cope with life in the conflict zone in Iraq.

Frontline Scotland is with the soldiers as they carry out their duties patrolling the city of Basra.

The troops are also training members of the Iraqi civil defence corps.

The programme was broadcast at 2235 BST on Tuesday, 20 April.

The BBC is unable to provide the Boys from Basra online under the terms of an agreement between the programme and the Army.

Dying for Breath

In the first programme of the new series, Samantha Poling looks at the case of a five-year-old girl killed by the drug which was meant to save her.

Her family speak about the revolutionary asthma drug which has potentially fatal side-effects.

Frontline Scotland reveals that warnings about the drug's use at high dosages were ignored and uncovers worrying evidence that other children might be at risk.

This programme was broadcast at 2235 BST on Tuesday, 13 April.

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