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Last Updated: Tuesday, 24 August, 2004, 12:48 GMT 13:48 UK
Huge wind farm blows into action
Wind turbine
Developers want to double the size of the development
Scotland's most powerful wind farm, which will provide energy initially for 33,000 homes, has been officially opened.

Deputy Enterprise Minister Lewis Macdonald praised the Crystal Rig site in the Lammermuir Hills, near Dunbar.

He called it "an excellent example of how Scotland benefits from renewable energy". Twenty turbines can generate 50 Megawatts of power.

Another five are to be added by 2005, providing power for 41,000 homes.

The operators, Natural Power Consultants, have asked for permission to increase the development by another 56 turbines.

Renewable energy schemes such as this offer Scotland a chance to eliminate many of the pollutants associated with other forms of energy generation
Duncan McLaren
Friends of the Earth Scotland

Mr Macdonald said of the wind farm: "It has provided green jobs for the local economy as well as clean electricity for Scotland.

"We aim to further develop and encourage Scotland's renewable energy industry and I'm delighted that local companies were used by the developers.

Energy targets

"Our drive to ensure Scotland fully exploits its renewable energy potential depends on making the most of existing technology, like wind and hydro, and also on taking the lead on the new technologies.

"We are supporting the development of marine and biomass which will be crucial to our ability to meet our renewable energy targets," he said.

He was supported by Friends of the Earth Scotland, which welcomed the wind farm.

Chief executive Duncan McLaren insisted: "Renewable energy schemes such as this offer Scotland a chance to eliminate many of the pollutants associated with other forms of energy generation."

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