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Last Updated: Tuesday, 30 March, 2004, 11:49 GMT 12:49 UK
Green campaign for Euro elections
Everyone flag
The group aims to mobilise 500,000 supporters
Environmental organisations in Scotland have joined forces to publish their own agenda for EU elections in June.

A total of 26 bodies, who have come together under the Everyone umbrella group, are planning hustings and a postcard campaign to gain support.

Friends of the Earth, the RSPB, the Ramblers Association and the National Trust are among those who have joined the Scottish Environment Link.

Together they represent about 500,000 supporters in Scotland.

The group wants politicians to respond more to public interest in issues such as water quality, climate change, waste reduction and environmental justice for the country's poorer communities.

We need integrity as well as fine words if we are to properly protect our environment
Eleanor Scott
Green MSP
It began its campaign by unfurling a specially adapted European flag, with conservation symbols in place of the usual stars.

Everyone coalition spokesperson Fred Edwards said: "When it comes to Europe, the environment is one of the few areas that the public understands and are demanding further action on.

"This is hardly surprising since as much as 90% of Scottish environmental legislation starts life there.

"By flying the flag for a better environment for all, we believe we are playing our part."

Group members believe that unless the politicians respond to high public interest in environmental issues, the turnout at the European elections on 10 June will drop even below the 25% recorded last time.

Green MSP Eleanor Scott said it was vital to have strong representation on environmental issues.

She said: "We've seen recently the Lib Dem MSPs vote through GM crops in Scotland against their own party's national policy.

"We need integrity as well as fine words if we are to properly protect our environment."

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