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Last Updated: Monday, 29 March, 2004, 15:49 GMT 16:49 UK
Hen and stag nights examined
Gary on Mark's stag night on EastEnders
Stag nights can get a bit out of hand
Moves to deal with the issue of raucous hen and stag parties visiting Edinburgh have been considered by the city's licensing board.

Officials noted a police report on the experiences of Dublin as a popular destination for revellers.

Councillors in Edinburgh said they were happy with the current state of affairs and that they did not think there was a problem.

The city has attracted a growing number of events in recent years.

People in some parts of the town are worried by the trend - but organisers who offer weekends in the capital insist numbers are limited.

They say many hotels will not accept bookings if they know a group is planning a hen or stag night.

We have 2,000 bars or licensed premises in Edinburgh, six to nine hundred restaurants - it's a drop in the ocean
Matthew Watt
Party organiser
Matthew Watt arranges group events in Edinburgh.

He said: "I think it's an illusion that people have got because they are high profile, they wear t-shirts or badges and you can see them.

"Half the places won't deal with stag parties, so you're probably only talking five or ten thousand people maximum at any time of the year coming into Edinburgh for stag and hen parties.

"We have 2,000 bars or licensed premises in Edinburgh, six to nine hundred restaurants - it's a drop in the ocean."

But traders in the Grassmarket and West End say they are worried by the trend.

Binge drinking

Frank Clancy, who is a member of the Grassmarket Traders' Association, fears that legitimate tourists are being chased away from the area.

"Now, it's growing to such a scale that they're actually taking over the area and they are changing the atmosphere down here - there is far too much binge drinking now," he said.

"You can have bus-loads coming in at night and that is when the area changes.

"Nobody's saying you shouldn't have stag or hen parties, it's just the sheer volume."

Party time for firefighters
13 Feb 04  |  South East Wales

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