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Last Updated: Wednesday, 18 August, 2004, 12:48 GMT 13:48 UK
Tagging move for young offenders
Electronic tagging
The new electronic tagging crackdown is aimed at curbing young criminals
Persistently anti-social teenagers in Dundee could be electronically tagged as part of a pilot scheme.

It will be operated by the city council's social work department and could come into effect later this year.

The plan is part of the Scottish Executive's Anti-social Behaviour Bill, which comes into effect in October.

Dundee councillors will be asked next week to agree an experimental tagging scheme involving up to 10 young people under the age of 16.

Electronic tagging of the under-16s, by order of a court or a children's hearing, is one of the provisions of the legislation.

This is one of many initiatives which Dundee has taken in order to combat anti-social behaviour
Helen Wright
Dundee City Council
The pilot will involve teenagers who have a history of absconding and who could pose a risk to themselves or others.

Each will receive up to 30 hours of intensive support from social workers on top of their full-time education.

Civic leaders insist the scheme will help limit the damage caused to local communities by persistent young offenders.

'Limit damage

Convener of Dundee's social work committee Helen Wright said: "It is a priority for this administration to rid the city of anti-social behaviour which can bring misery to those who suffer from it.

"I am recommending that we pilot the tagging scheme in Dundee to see if this can help limit the damage done to local communities by persistent young offenders.

"This new scheme is one of many initiatives which Dundee has taken in order to combat anti-social behaviour."

It was revealed last week Dundee would also pilot another part of the flagship Anti-social Behaviour Bill.

Troublemakers in the city, as well as in Inverness and Greenock, will be ordered to do unpaid work as punishment for vandalism or minor damage.

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