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Last Updated: Wednesday, 11 August, 2004, 05:40 GMT 06:40 UK
Authors to highlight persecution
Lord Bragg
Lord Bragg will be involved in the series
The work of persecuted writers is due to be celebrated at this year's Edinburgh Book Festival.

Scottish authors Muriel Gray, Iain Banks, Louise Welsh and Zoe Strachan will be among those reading the work of oppressed writers.

Amnesty Scotland director John Watson said the move would highlight the work of writers who had been murdered, tortured, imprisoned or persecuted.

The Imprisoned Writers series runs until the end of August.

'Accessible and moving'

English authors Lord Melvyn Bragg, Libby Purves, Julian Barnes and Toby Litt will also participate in the series.

Mr Watson said: "The support of top book festival authors for these tribute events is fantastic.

"Their readings will highlight in a really accessible and moving way the work of writers who have been murdered, tortured, imprisoned or persecuted."

Iranian writer and filmmaker Zoe Neirizi, whose work will be profiled at the event on 17 August, said writing about her life had helped her come to terms with various horrific experiences.

Different theme

"It has helped me to get my identity properly and build a new life for myself," she said.

"Being able to communicate what happened to me is really important, so I am very pleased that my work is to be heard."

The series will focus on a different theme each day and includes forms of suppression faced by writers throughout the world.

As part of the series, Palestinian poet Ayad Alhiatly will take to the stage on 27 August in an event entitled Exile.

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