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Last Updated: Tuesday, 9 March, 2004, 06:31 GMT
Survey supports BBC Scottish Six
BBC Reporting Scotland presenter David Roberston
Reporting Scotland is broadcast at 1830 on weekdays
Seven out of 10 people in Scotland support a "Scottish Six" news programme to replace the BBC's London-produced edition, according to a survey.

The NFO System Three poll conducted for the Scottish Consumer Council (SCC), found 40% were in favour, with 29% registering some support.

BBC Scotland ruled out a Scottish Six following a review last December.

The main Reporting Scotland edition is currently broadcast at 6.30pm following the UK-wide 6 o'clock news.

The survey suggested a further 29% of respondents had some support for the flagship move, while 34% of all respondents in lower income groups believed BBC news provided poor value for money.

Of the 916 people surveyed, 48% disagreed and said the BBC provided good value.

These results indicate that there is an appetite for change in Scotland that is not being satisfied at the moment
SCC chairman Graeme Millar
The poll, commissioned ahead of the SCC's submission to a consultation on the review of the BBC's Charter, was carried out in January.

SCC chairman Graeme Millar said: "Almost 70% of the people in the survey favour greater Scottish control over news output while only 14% oppose it.

Licence fee

"These results indicate that there is an appetite for change in Scotland that is not being satisfied at the moment.

"We will pass on the results of the survey to the BBC as part of the public consultation into the current review of the BBC's Charter.

"People pay for the BBC through their licence fee and it is important that the BBC responds to what their viewers and listeners tell them."

A BBC Scotland spokesman said the broadcaster constantly reviewed its news output.

'High satisfaction'

However, he said the idea of a Scottish Six was currently not being considered following last year's consultation exercise which, he added, found "quite a high satisfaction" with existing arrangements.

Last year, viewers said they were happy with the present Reporting Scotland format.

But the Scottish National Party described the decision to shelve the Scottish Six plan as "disastrous".

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