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Trainspotting wins best film poll
Ewan McGregor starred as Renton in the movie Trainspotting
The film Trainspotting has been voted the public's favourite Scottish movie of all time, according to a new poll.

Thousands voted for the movie, adapted from Irvine Welsh's novel depicting life in Edinburgh, in The List magazine poll.

Directed by Danny Boyle, it was a hit with audiences and a launchpad for Scots star Ewan McGregor's career.

Voters used by e-mail and text to put the film in the number one slot out of 50 films put forward by the magazine.

The result of the vote was announced at 1900 GMT on Tuesday with the winner being shown on the big screen at the UGC Cinema in Glasgow.

Gregory's Girl
American Cousins
Local Hero
Whisky Galore
Miles Fielder, editor of the listings and film guide, said: "Following the publication of the film guide it has been fascinating and exciting to understand what the general public view as their favourite Scottish film of all time.

"We are delighted to have been able to demonstrate how great Scottish films are and we hope this guide will encourage people to watch more Scottish films, past and present.

"When Trainspotting arrived over a decade ago it was hailed by the critics and public as Scotland and Britain's answer to matching the coolest films Hollywood had been producing.

"It's therefore a great thing it has been voted as the best Scottish film of all time."

Minister for Tourism, Culture and Sport Frank McAveety added: "This event is welcome because it raises the profile of Scottish film.

"From the whimsical comedy of Whisky Galore and Gregory's Girl to the urban realism of Shallow Grave and Trainspotting, our movies have left an indelible mark on the Scottish psyche."

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