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Last Updated: Thursday, 11 March, 2004, 20:57 GMT
Illegal ivory 'found in bagpipes'
Ivory was once used to decorate the drone
Illegal ivory has been found in bagpipes on sale in Scotland, according to animal welfare campaigners.

The material must date back to before 1947 to be legal.

However, the International Fund for Animal Welfare (Ifaw) said it had found a number of bagpipe items of "dubious" origin on sale in Edinburgh.

The campaign group believes that the sale of such items could contribute to more poaching of endangered elephants for their ivory.

Ifaw said the UK ivory trade was "thriving and uncontrolled".

It is campaigning against moves to legalise the sale of African ivory stockpiles.

Ivory smuggling

A committee of the UN Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (Cites), which meets next week, could vote to allow a one-off sale.

Ifaw argues that reopening the legal trade would lead to more poaching and ivory smuggling.

The international ivory trade has been illegal since 1989.

We found a number of bagpipe items available for sale in Edinburgh where the origin of that ivory was dubious
Phyllis Campbell-McRae
Ifaw director
In the UK, it is only legal to sell worked ivory that is documented as pre-1947 and classified as "antique".

Ifaw released the findings of its Elephants on the High Street investigation on Thursday.

It said pipes containing illegal ivory were discovered on the internet and in the Scottish capital.

Phyllis Campbell-McRae, the organisation's UK director, said: "We found a number of bagpipe items available for sale in Edinburgh where the origin of that ivory was dubious.

"We found traders telling us that it was old ivory, that it was legal for sale.

"We found others that were prepared to falsify documents to say that it was available for sale."

Most pipes are now made with modern materials replacing the ivory once used to decorate the drone.

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