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Death crash driver had six bans
The High Court in Edinburgh
The court heard Jones had wine in the car
A drink-driver who crashed killing an eight-year-old boy had been banned from driving on six counts, it has emerged.

David Jones from Aberdeen has admitted causing the death of Stephan Henderson by dangerous driving when he lost control of his car on a bend.

The High Court in Edinburgh had already heard how Jones left Stephan dying in the wreckage of the car after the crash in October.

The 21-year-old was remanded in custody pending sentence.

Police experts who examined the crash scene in Craigton Road, Aberdeen, said that Jones had been doing 66mph as he approached a sharp bend.

The maximum speed to round the bend safely was about 28mph, an accident report concluded.

No licence

Jones, of St Machar Court, Aberdeen, was picked up the following day at the wheel of a stolen car because police recognised him as a disqualified driver.

He now faces jail after admitting that his dangerous caused the death of Stephan Henderson and that he was driving under the influence of alcohol.

Advocate depute Maurice O'Carroll, prosecuting, told court that Jones had been disqualified from driving on six counts since September 2001 and was not due to get his licence back until September 2006.

The children in the car were complaining at his driving and asking him to stop
Maurice O'Carroll
Advocate depute
In October, Jones drove his pregnant girlfriend to Aberdeen Maternity Hospital and then went to pick up Stephan - and two other boys who cannot be named for legal reasons - from their school nearby.

Mr O'Carroll said witnesses saw that Jones had a bottle of MD 20/20, described as a fortified wine.

He then sped off through an area of Aberdeen known as Hazelhead, the court heard.

"At this point the children in the car were complaining at his driving and asking him to stop," said Mr O'Carroll.

Jones did stop briefly, but accelerated away again, heading down a long straight section of road until he came to a sharp bend near Newton Farm.

He lost control of the speeding car which skidded for 50 metres after he tried to brake before smashing into a low wall, clipped a wall, hit a large boulder and was "catapulted" over the wall, bringing down a telegraph pole.

Head injury

The vehicle came to rest on the driver's side, where Stephan was sitting in the back seat. The two other boys, aged 11 and 12, escaped with minor injuries.

The court heard that Stephan could not have survived the head injury he sustained.

Jones helped him from the wrecked car but ran away as others on the scene phoned the emergency services.

Jones also pleaded guilty to failing to stop to give his name after the accident, stealing another car and driving it while unfit because of drink or drugs, failing to take a breath test, three charges of driving while disqualified and three charges of driving without insurance.

Lord Brodie told him that because he was on probation at the time of the offences he could not be sentenced until the court had background reports.

He was remanded in custody until next month.

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