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Last Updated: Sunday, 15 February, 2004, 16:54 GMT
Most Scots 'oppose' council tax
Council tax sign
Most of Scotland's 32 councils have unveiled their council tax rates
Seven out of 10 Scots think council tax is unfair and should be scrapped, according to a survey.

The System Three poll found that 77% of Scots believe it should be replaced by a tax based on ability to pay.

Of those surveyed for the poll commissioned by the Scottish Socialist Party, 12% said they believed the tax should be retained.

The SSP plans a demonstration in Glasgow on 24 April and has launched a petition for the tax to be replaced.

The SSP claimed the results of the survey were a huge boost to its recently launched Scrap the Council Tax campaign.

Scottish Socialist leader Tommy Sheridan
We will march in our thousands in April and demand action
SSP leader Tommy Sheridan
West Dunbartonshire Council has the lowest percentage increase in the country after announcing a rise of 1.8% to 1,089 at Band D.

The largest increase is in Moray, where bills are to rise by 9.8% to 996 at Band D.

SSP leader Tommy Sheridan said: "Almost 80% of Scots now believe the Tory council tax is unfair and should be replaced by a system based on ability to pay.

"If the Scottish Executive doesn't heed this they will be cast aside by the tidal wave of opposition that will grow over the coming months.

Income-based alternative

"We will march in our thousands in April and demand action by an executive that seems more interested in protecting the wealthy than caring about Scotland's army of pensioners and low paid workers."

Participants for the poll were asked if they agreed or disagreed that the council tax is unfair as a means of funding local government spending and needs to be replaced with a system of local government taxation based on ability to pay.

The SSP is proposing council tax be replaced with an income-based levy which it claims would see 77% of Scots paying less and 16% of the wealthiest households paying more.

The poll surveyed 917 adults aged 18 and over from across Scotland's 49 constituencies between January and February this year.

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