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Big Brother audition door opens
Cameron Stout
Those going to the auditions are hoping to follow in the footsteps of Cameron Stout
Wannabe celebrities have flocked to auditions for the next series of the television reality show Big Brother.

Hundreds turned up for the open auditions in Glasgow in a bid to secure a place and follow in the footsteps of Scots winner Cameron Stout.

Producers were speechless when two in the line-up stripped naked despite the chilly February weather.

The two men were promptly awarded a ticket to the next stage of the selection process.

The Channel 4 show usually selects contestants from videotape submissions but this time would-be participants were invited to turn up in person.

Hopefuls queued up outside Glasgow's SECC arena and those who caught the judges' eyes were plucked out and sent into the building.

Scottish people are basically the best. Being Scottish myself I want to see a Scot in the Big Brother house
Phil Edgar-Jones
Once inside they were ushered into a "diary room" similar to that in the TV show and given a minute to make an impression.

Last year Orkney fish seller Cameron Stout was crowned the winner and hopefuls were hoping this year's winner would be a Scot too.

One of the two streakers, Lindsay Vine, 24, from Kirkcaldy, said: "We were standing behind an elf and we didn't stand out so we had to do something."

He added: "I'm doing this for the money and also because I'm an attention seeker. Being in a room with 100 cameras on me would be my idea of heaven."

A would-be contestant who made it through to the next stage without stripping off was Tracy Philp, 24, from the village of Windygates in Fife.

She said: "I think it would be outrageously funny. It would change my life for ever.

"I want to be the first fat, blonde girl in the house and I want to spice things up. Last year it was a bit mediocre."

Diary room

This year couples as well as individuals have been invited to apply.

Kevin McMillan, 24, and Kate Antliff, 23, both from Glasgow, made it through to the diary room but were rejected and sent home.

Mr McMillan said: "We had our photos taken, then we went and sat in the booth and said our piece. We didn't get in, but it was really exciting anyway."

Channel 4 commissioning editor Sharon Powers said: "We are looking for people who stand out. If they leap out of the crowd and make an impression we think they will make an impression on our viewers."

Phil Edgar-Jones, head of factual entertainment at production company Endemol, said: "Lots of people in the queue were potential housemates, particularly those two guys who took all their clothes off and showed us their bottoms."

'Some surprises'

He added: "Scottish people are basically the best. Being Scottish myself I want to see a Scot in the Big Brother house.

"If anyone wants to come to any of the other auditions they don't have to act because we want people who are real. We will notice them. We will spot them."

Producers are planning to hold other auditions in Manchester, Newcastle, Cardiff, Birmingham, Belfast and London over the coming weeks.

Mr Edgar-Jones said the new show, which will go out in the summer, would stick to the basic format but would include "some surprises".

Those who made it through today's process were invited back tomorrow for more in-depth interviews and the chance of going on to the next stage.

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