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Last Updated: Tuesday, 3 February, 2004, 17:19 GMT
Gulf soldier wins pension fight
Mr Duncan claims his service in the Gulf is linked to his ill health
A former soldier is believed to be the first veteran to win a war pension appeal after suffering depleted uranium poisoning during the first Gulf War.

A tribunal in Edinburgh found in favour of Kenny Duncan from Clackmannanshire who became ill after his service in the Middle East.

He had helped move tanks destroyed by shells containing depleted uranium.

Mr Duncan had been awarded only half the full pension after leaving the Army.

Public inquiry call

He claimed he was repeatedly exposed to the poisonous dust and, returning home to Scotland became so ill he eventually had to retire.

Now his pension will be reassessed after the Pension Appeal Tribunal Service accepted his case against the Ministry of Defence.

Mr Duncan also claims his three children, born since the first Gulf War, are suffering symptoms similar to Iraqi children including low immune systems and deformed toes.

It is great news for Kenny and his wife to at long last have his condition recognised
Shaun Rusling
NGVFA chairman
The National Gulf Veterans and Families Association (NGVFA) said the tribunal's verdict added to its call for a full public inquiry into Gulf War illnesses.

Shaun Rusling, chairman of the NGVFA, said the verdict was "justice".

He said: "The finding by the Pensions Appeal Tribunal was absolutely tremendous and extremely significant for Kenny Duncan.

"It proves that his ill health was due to depleted uranium poisoning and it is great news for Kenny and his wife to at long last have his condition recognised.

"We are extremely pleased that justice has been done."

Mr Rusling, himself a Gulf War veteran, demanded that the UK Government hold a public inquiry into Gulf War illnesses.

"It is now 13 years since the Gulf War and no depleted uranium tests have been made available to former servicemen - this is despicable and unacceptable," he said.

"There should be a public inquiry into the ill health suffered by Gulf War veterans."

According to the association, 606 Gulf servicemen have died from ill health and a further 5,933 have applied for a war pension due to disablement.

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