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Last Updated: Wednesday, 10 December, 2003, 06:31 GMT
Disorder bill 'needs resourcing'
The CIH warns expectations are being raised
Housing officers have warned that they could bear the brunt of enforcing the new laws on anti-social behaviour.

The Chartered Institute of Housing (CIH) represents about 1,600 officers working in Scotland.

The organisation will tell the Scottish Parliament it fears police and the Children's Panels will be overstretched by the burden of the new legislation.

It claims that means the Anti-social Behaviour Bill will leave housing officers as the last line of defence.

The CIH has been invited to give verbal evidence to the Communities Committee, which is looking at the bill.

Shirley-Anne Somerville, CIH policy and public affairs officer, said: "Our members are concerned that housing is too often being asked to step in to fill a gap left by other resource-pressed services such as the police and social work.

"We need to look at how social work, policing and housing are resourced in order to provide a proper response to anti-social behaviour.

"If we do not we are in danger of raising public expectation to level which cannot be met by organisations on the ground."

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