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Nine years for prostitute attacks
Alison Wallace and a CCTV image showing Kelly before the attack
Alison Wallace and a CCTV image showing Kelly before the attack
A man who attacked two prostitutes, leaving one for dead beside a loch, has been jailed for nine years.

Eamonn Kelly, 24, was described by the judge, Lord Menzies, as a "menace to young women and a real risk to their safety if you were to be at large".

Kelly, from Uddingston, was convicted in November of attempting to murder Alison Wallace at Drumpellier Loch in July 2000.

He was also found guilty of a similar attack on Amanda Ryan a month earlier.

As well as the nine-year sentence, Lord Menzies ordered Kelly to serve a four-year extended sentence during which he will be closely supervised after being released on licence.

'Banging noises'

Ms Wallace, 27, a single mother, spent three months in hospital after suffering severe head injuries from which she will never fully recover.

She told the trial she recalled being picked up in Glasgow's red light district but everything was a "total blank" until she came out of a coma in hospital.

Drumpellier Park, where the the women were set upon
Drumpellier Park, where the the women were set upon
During the trial, she said: "Sometimes I hear banging noises when I'm sleeping or half-awake.

"The banging is what he was banging my head with."

After intense publicity surrounding the attack, Amanda Ryan, 31, came forward and told police that she had been assaulted at the same place.

She told the trial that Kelly had driven her to a dead-end road then aimed a blow at her head with a silver knife.

Ms Ryan fled into the loch, her clothes torn on barbed wire, then hit hit her on the head with something like a baseball bat.

She managed to get to the car and pressed the horn. Dogs started barking and Kelly drove away.

Soon after attacking Ms Wallace, Kelly, a pest control operator, of Viewpark, Uddingston, asked a friend to set fire to his white Orion car.

He moved to Brighton where he lived and worked under an assumed name but returned home nearly two-and-a-half years later.

The police inquiry was rekindled after Kelly attacked his uncle during a row in May, 2002.

The uncle told the police that on the night of Kelly's 21st birthday - the day Ms Wallace was attacked - his nephew told him that he had "battered" a prostitute.

DNA samples routinely taken from Kelly linked him to the assault. They matched DNA found on a condom at the scene.

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