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Tourists dream of hunting haggis
The haggis was thought to be an animal
A third of US tourists who were quizzed about their trip to Scotland said they believed the haggis was a creature.

The survey also revealed that almost a quarter of those questioned thought that they could hunt and catch the country's most famous dish.

A thousand people considering a trip to Scotland were questioned about why they wanted to visit and what they expected to see.

One in three of those polled said they believed haggis was a creature and one tourist believed it came out at night and looked like grouse.

In a way it is a fantastic compliment for Scotland's most famous dish that it has achieved this level of notoriety
Anna Finlay
Hall's meats
Another said the apparently fox-like animal preferred cities.

Haggis maker Hall's, of Broxburn, in West Lothian, teamed up with a US tourism website to question 1,000 Americans about their holidays.

Anna Finlay, of Hall's, said: "It's amazing in this day and age that the myth of the haggis roaming the glens continues to resonate with overseas visitors.

"In a way it is a fantastic compliment for Scotland's most famous dish that it has achieved this level of notoriety.

"However, instead of hunting haggis we'd encourage tourists to attend haggis tastings or order the dish in one of the country's fine restaurants."

The recipe for haggis varies but it can be made using a sheep's stomach bag which holds a mix of sheep's liver, heart and lung, oatmeal, suet, stock, onions and spices.

It has not been known to make a dash for freedom when coming under the knife.

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