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Last Updated: Thursday, 20 November, 2003, 11:52 GMT
Takeaways face glass bottle ban
Broken glass bottle
The sale of plastic bottles will instead be encouraged
Sales of glass bottles are to be banned from late night takeaway food outlets in Glasgow in an attempt to cut down on violent attacks.

Glasgow City Council has decided to make it a condition of future late opening catering licenses that shops must not sell food and drink in glass containers - but stick to plastic bottles or cans.

The move, which will affect about 170 outlets, is part of a drive to reduce violent incidents involving glass.

A council spokesman said the measures were being brought in to prevent bottles "being used as a weapon rather than to quench thirst".

All licence holders in Glasgow will be written to explaining the new rules, which will come into effect some time in the New Year.

The move comes alongside a successful campaign to reduce serious assaults in the city by promoting the use of plastic rather than glass.

According to Strathclyde Police, there were 313 serious assaults in Glasgow's city centre during the past year - 81 involved glass bottles, 69 of which involved people being struck on the head with a bottle.

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