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Fight to save Hoover jobs
Hoover protest
Protesters gathered signatures for a petition
A campaign has been launched in an attempt to save the threatened Hoover factory at Cambuslang in Lanarkshire.

Earlier this month, Hoover announced it was ending more than half a century of manufacturing at the plant and transferring the work to the Far East.

Hoover has been a major employer in Cambuslang for nearly 60 years - it once employed around 5,000 workers in the 1970s.

Although the plant has greatly reduced in size, union Amicus believes it is still worth fighting to save nearly 300 manufacturing jobs that would be lost by the planned move of production to China.

About 100 Hoover employees and union members took to Cambuslang's Main Street on Saturday morning to gather signatures for a petition calling on Hoover to reconsider its decision to shut the factory down.

I can assure the company that we will leave no stone unturned in our fight
John Quigley
The union plans to lobby politicians at both Holyrood and Westminster.

Amicus Scottish regional secretary, John Quigley, said: "Hoover is an icon of the Scottish manufacturing industry.

"We will be campaigning hard over the coming weeks to save the factory.

"During the consultation period we will dissect the company's business case and rationale for the proposed closure of Cambuslang.

"I can assure the company that we will leave no stone unturned in our fight."

Tommy McAvoy MP
Mr McAvoy praised the Hoover workforce
And Rutherglen MP Tommy McAvoy insisted the plant could still have a future.

"The factory has an outstanding workforce, they've contributed to productivity, new ways of doing things, new conditions," said Mr McAvoy.

"They've proved they are a factory that can deliver and as long as we have that I think there is something to fight for."

The company has blamed the falling price of vacuum cleaners across Europe and the plant's failure to reduce manufacturing costs for the move.

But union officials insist the factory is an efficient one, and said Hoover should repay the loyalty shown to it by its Scottish workers.

Under the plans managers said around 100 design and development and after-sales staff would be retained in Scotland but at another site.

BBC Scotland's Gillian Millar
"Those campaigning still believe there's a chance it can be saved"

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