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Last Updated: Saturday, 30 August, 2003, 11:25 GMT 12:25 UK
Lager galore after lorry accident
Thousands of cans of lager disappeared after a lorry shed its load on a Scottish road, it has emerged.

The vehicle jack-knifed as it swerved to avoid a deer on the A77 near Ballantrae in South Ayrshire.

Road maintenance firm Amey was called in to gather up the remaining cans of Miller lager from the road.

The incident recalled the film Whisky Galore, in which locals on a Scottish island seized thousands of cases of whisky from a wrecked ship.

A spokesman for brewers Scottish Courage said: "Miller has always been a popular beer in Scotland and if it falls off the back of a lorry people are bound to pick it up.

People were getting out of their cars to pick up the cans and that had caused a road block
Strathclyde Police spokeswoman
"We are not sure whether the deer stopped the lorry deliberately but with the beer that went missing there will be a couple of stag parties in the area."

The accident took place shortly before midnight on Thursday.

The road was not cleared until about 1100 BST on Friday.

A spokeswoman for Strathclyde Police said one motorist had contacted the force to say that the road was littered with thousands of cans of lager.

She said: "We were getting calls saying people were getting out of their cars to pick up the cans and that had caused a road block."

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