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Bond inspiration dies
Sean Connery as James Bond in Diamonds are Forever
Commander Dalzel-Job spent much of his time in intelligence
One of Scotland's most remarkable wartime adventurers has died in the West Highlands, at the age of 90.

Patrick Dalzel-Job ran special operations in Norway in World War II.

Later in the war he joined the future writer, Ian Fleming, as part of a reconnaissance team in France, Belgium and Germany - often far in advance of Allied lines.

Commander Dalzel-Job was said to have been the inspiration for Fleming's most famous character, James Bond - a suggestion he himself played down.

But he was a man who had adventure in his blood.

Even before he joined the Royal Navy he had sailed his own schooner from Scotland along the Arctic coast of Norway as far as the Russian border.

When war broke out he used his knowledge of northern Norway to help land thousands of Allied soldiers in small boats without the loss of a single life.

But the young adventurer knew the successful landings could lead to reprisals against Norwegian civilians.

Ignoring his original orders he used his boat to help them escape a town under threat.

His son Ian explained: "While acting against orders he then evacuated all the men, women and children and old people to Narvic just before that town was destroyed by enemy bombers.

"He knew it would be attacked. But the only reason he escaped the court martial was that the king of Norway gave him his personal thanks."

Special operations

Commander Dalzel-Job fell in love with a Norwegian girl and five years later he went back, tracked her down and married her.

Much of his career was in intelligence and special operations with motor torpedo boats and submarines and then with a special force unit directed by Fleming.

They worked together for two years taking part in raids behind enemy lines.

Commander Dalzel-Job always denied he was the model for Commander Bond.

But in Plockton where his funeral takes place next week he will be remembered as the man whose exploits helped inspire the James Bond stories.

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