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Last Updated: Wednesday, 27 August, 2003, 16:58 GMT 17:58 UK
Figures reveal election spending
Tommy Sheridan of the SSP on the campaign trail
The Scottish Socialists won six seats at Holyrood
New figures have revealed how much Scotland's smaller political parties spent during the Holyrood election campaign in May.

Electoral Commission statistics showed that the Scottish Socialist Party spent more than any of the other minority parties to get each MSP elected.

The SSP won six seats in the Scottish Parliament elections but with a total spend of 74,361 that works out at 12,394 per MSP.

Parties which spent less than 250,000 during the election campaign declared their spending, but the larger organisations such as Labour and the Scottish National Party have a further two months to make the figures known.

The Electoral Commission data showed that the Scottish Senior Citizens' Unity Party got best value for money.

Election campaign

It spent just 3,558 and returned one MSP - John Swinburne in the Central Scotland region.

Whereas each Liberal Democrat MSP cost 7,668 to get elected because although the party spent 130,358 it won 17 seats.

The Scottish Green Party won seven seats on an expenditure of 65,852 which breaks down at 9,407 per MSP.

The People's Alliance spent a whopping 188,889 but failed to win a single seat.

Auditor's report

Other parties which failed to win any seats included the United Kingdom Independence Party, which spent 39,504; The Fishing Party which spent 6,548 and the British National Party whose outlay amounted to 4,835.

Parties which spent more than 250,000 have until 31 October to hand in their returns because of the need to obtain an auditor's report.

Those figures will be published later this year.

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