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Last Updated: Thursday, 9 October, 2003, 15:49 GMT 16:49 UK
Long hot summer broke record
Summer in Scotland
Scotland basked in sunshine in August
Weather experts in Berkshire have confirmed that a record Scottish temperature was reached in August.

The Met Office carried out checks before confirming the reading, which was taken during this year's mini-heatwave.

The temperature recorded at Greycrook, near St Boswells in the Borders, hit 32.9C (91.2F) on 9 August.

But weather watchers there did not initially realise that it had broken the previous record of 32.8C (91F), set almost a century before in Dumfries, on 2 July 1908.

The record was confirmed this week.

The Scottish Agricultural College near St Boswells houses the Greycrook weather centre.

The centre is used for monitoring the long-term climate, not day-to-day weather forecasting, with results going to the Met Office headquarters in Berkshire a month in arrears.

Once there the readings are subjected to quality control checks.

Researchers at Greycrook said the late discovery was a bit embarrassing but still a big achievement for the weather centre.


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